Film Processing

At Moorfields we have a long history of traditional processing going back to the 1940s. We offer many services from standard dev & print to professional printing and CD writing, working from 35mm, 120 upto 6x7, APS, half frame and of course all sorts of digital media. Call if you have any questions 0151 236 0128


We have for many years provided a top quality half frame processing service, all of which is better than ever with the latest digital technology. For many years we have enjoyed much support from Fred Adcock and his Half Frame members and we continue to offer you the half frame user the very best processing.

24ex 6x4 5.99 - 48ex 6x4 6.99 - 72ex 6x4 9.99 plus 1.50 P&P + CD Only 3.99

Please call: 0151 236 0128

Black & White.

For many years we have offered superb black & white prints from both colour and B&W CN film (Colour neg - C41)
Due to the high demand for quality traditional black & white processing, Moorfields are now able to offer this service.
Traditional black & white processing - 5 Day Service

Dev Only 5.99

24 ex 6x4 7.99

36 ex 6x4 8.99

24 ex 7x5 9.99

36 ex 7x5 11.99

Plus 2.00 P&P per film

24 ex 9x6 12.99

36 ex 9x6 15.99

24 ex 12x8 25.99

36 ex 12x8 32.99

Plus 3.00 P&P per film

Passport pictures - UK, Dutch, USA and most other European specifications

UK eight pictures 5.99

USA two pictures 9.99

While you wait service (5 mins approx)

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Large Format

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Black & White

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Moorfields Photographic 2009/10

We at Moorfields photographic know that film isn't dead!!! We know this because we still are processing a huge amount of films every single year from all different types of photographic film. We develop & process all brands, formats of photo films, from the 35mm / APS happy snapper type of photographer, to the professionals that would use 120 medium format roll camera.

We are also finding that traditional black & white films are making a photo comeback, we are hand developing and printing more and more every month to date. This to us is proof that film processing and developing is far from over. Traditional film developing stands side by side with digital photography as a much loved and used format.